Shikoba’s Plant Stylings @themonsteraqueen

Kuan Yin’s Pothos Grotto June 2019
I love using crystal/gemstone gravel as decoration in
all indoor pots for peace and healing for plants and myself..
New leaves on my Satin Pothos
Propogating large 48cm
Monstera Deliciosa
Pothos Snow Queen

DIY Propogation Station
First attempt at propogtaing Monty the Monstera.
It makes a great decoration in the meantime until
plant roots… April 2019.

Peaceful Bath Sanctuary April 2019
My Bathroom 2018
My Bathroom 2018

I have found myself struggling to deal with aspects in my life which have caused anxiety, and other than Buddhist teachings I use plants/nature as a coping mechanism/escape. Tending plants in and out of the house both grounds and calms me, plants have become a needed sanctuary in my life. Now I just have to learn to curb my appetitite of going to the local nursery lol…

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