Visual Storytelling

Here’s an idea. 

Journaling through a Lockdown!

We all know journaling is a good thing to do, it can be therapeutic to share emotions, thoughts, fears and feelings, things you may not want another person to hear yet you still need to release these things. 

Get a free online journal app (most have options for inserting pictures into the text as well) and write/pour your heart out. 

*You could make it like a scrapbook to show articles about the virus that are important to keep in mind. 

*It could be a ‘Gratitude Journal’ every day you write down the things you were grateful for this day during the virus, including an article you read online (you can cut and paste it into your text also).

*It could be an inspirational journal – each day you share an article, a story, a quote or something you saw that inspired you through this time.

*It could be a planning journal (almost a Preppers journal) – things you need to do, how to make bread if needed, things you want to buy when the shops open, how to make sanitising hand gel, when you need to worm the dog again, your thoughts on a garden that you may want to grow etc.

*It could be an artistic journal – each day you decorate a page (kinda like decoupage or layering images and paint or do a sketch of something).

And the very act of you sitting down and doing this each day is therapeutic and beneficial for you emotionally, and of course it helps pass some time.

I have this Day One Journal and have been using it for years, can insert pictures and text easily, you don’t need to be a computer whiz.

Or you can buy a blank journal or even use a kids school exercise book..