Visual Storytelling

When all the CoronaVirus stuff was fast descending on us, I ordered this wall candle sconce from Old England. It came quickly before all the delays in postage times started.

I put a Crystal Venus and Kuan Yin on it for now.  It’s got that lovely base so I change the little statues to whatever is relevant. 

Every night I light it for a while. I look on it now as a little beacon of hope. When I light it – it is hope for us for another day of life etc and it is a rememberance for those who are sick and/or have died.

For me, this seems much more helpful and positive for any one who sees it than a stuffed animal in a window. I actually like the idea of a battery powered candle in every window at night – that can still show anyone anywhere – we are here and we are burning our candle of love and hope..  Either way I shall be burning my beacon of hope every night for the foreseeable future..